In Kyiv told about the role of Ukrainian settlers in canadian history

The head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin has published on his page in Facebook post, in which he evaluated the role of Ukrainians in canadian history.

“125 years ago the first Ukrainian settlers found themselves on canadian soil. Their work have created Canada as we know it,” wrote Lozhkin.

According to Lozhkin, the Ukrainians are “an integral part” of culture, economy, government and public relations of Canada, which, in turn, became a loyal and trusted friend” of Ukraine.

Lozhkin also said that together with the “Ukrainian crisis media-the center” Gennady Kurochkin has created for the canadian politician Justin Trudeau, who is currently in Kiev on an official visit, an unusual gift. We are talking about the canadian flag, made “the concept of Ukrainian avant-garde”.

If you look at the flag in the front, it will look like the traditional flag of Canada, however, if you look at it from the side, you can see three-dimensional geometric shapes that have faces — yellow-blue, said Lozhkin.

Canada was founded by French Explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534. Originally the territory of modern capital of Canada was Quebec settled French colony, where lived the local people. The canadian Confederation was formed after the period of English colonization from the Union of three British colonies. Its independence from Britain the country has received as a result of the peace process, which lasted from 1867 to 1982.