Forbes named the highest paid stars

Singer Taylor swift topped the rating of the highest paid stars according to Forbes

American singer Taylor swift topped the richest celebrities according to the American Forbes reported on the website of the journal. Comprehensive income swift in the 12 months edition was estimated at $170 million — is more than two times higher than a year earlier ($80 million), when the singer occupied the eighth row in the list.

Second place in the ranking took the band One Direction is her gross income the magazine estimated at $110 million In third place — the writer is James Patterson, his income is estimated at $95 million Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and television personality and psychologist Phil McGraw divide the 4-th place — the income of each of them is estimated at $88 million In the first ten also included comedian Kevin HART ($87,5 million), broadcaster Howard stern ($85 million), footballer Lionel Messi ($81.5 million), British singer Adele ($80.5 million) and radio host rush Limbaugh ($79 million).

Forbes also published a list of celebrities who are unable to stay in the rating. In particular, the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who was the only Russian in the ranking of the highest paid stars this year in the list is not ranked. In revenue last year Sharapova edition valued at $29.5 million, that $21.9 million according to Forbes, the incomes of the athletes will probably continue to decline because of a doping scandal and suspensions.

The rating also dropped the singer Lady Gaga, singer Justin Timberlake, the Eagles, actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper and actress Scarlett Johansson. They are unable to overcome the threshold for entering the list, which in 2016 was $30.5 million, notes the journal.

In addition to the Forbes website, a new rating will appear in the next printed number. This is evidenced by the takeaways on the cover of the issue that the publication on Monday posted to Twitter. On the cover of the magazine posted a picture of Kim Kardashian, which occupies the 42nd place in the rating stars with an income estimated at $51 million, Forbes Kardashian devoted a separate article in the room, calling the star “tycoon” in the field of mobile games. According to Forbes, the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood since the launch in June 2014 has brought her $45 million.

Forbes publishes a list of the 100 highest paid stars once a year. The assessment of income celebrities Forbes uses data from research company Nielsen, the company ticket sites and Pollstar Box Office Mojo and IMDB tracking collections from movies, as well as communicating with agents, managers, lawyers and by the stars themselves. The revision takes into account the income received by celebrities for the 12 months from 1 June of the previous year until 1 June of the current year.