NATO announced the withdrawal of missile defense in Europe at the initial level of readiness

Multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation F-22 “Raptor” at a NATO base in Romania

The missile defense system NATO withdrawn to the initial level of combat readiness. It on a press-conferences were declared by the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg, reports Reuters.

“Today, we decided to declare initial operational readiness of the missile defense system of NATO,” said Stoltenberg. According to him, this means that American ships based in Spain, radar in Turkey and interceptors in Romania can now work together under NATO command.

Stoltenberg noted that the system is “completely defensive” in nature and non-threatening for the Russian strategy of nuclear deterrence.

First base defense in Eastern Europe appeared on the territory of Romania in may. It was opened by the U.S. military. Before opening the defense Ministry to NATO, Robert bell said that the ground base is not directed against Russia” and necessary to protect the position of the Alliance in Europe. Stoltenberg also said that the placement system does not threaten Russia. According to him, geography and physics make it impossible for NATO to shoot down Russian Intercontinental ballistic missiles”.

In June during the summit of defense Ministers of the countries participating in NATO’s Stoltenberg has announced plans to embed in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland four battalions of the multinational NATO high readiness.