“Mail of Russia” has admitted handling open because of the “Spring package”

Parcels “Mail of Russia” will be in the clear if the package of anti-terrorist laws do not require to equip all its branches expensive equipment. This is stated in the statement of the Deputy Director of transit business of “Mail of Russia” Sergey Malyshev, received by RBC.

“Now examines the interpretation of the new law and its possible impact on the rules of provision of postal services. If the law will not be required to equip all 42 thousand post offices expensive x-ray equipment, which is today used on large sorting centers, then the investment will be incomparably lower than maximum anticipated,” — said Malyshev.

Earlier in the “Mail of Russia” said that the package of amendments of the Deputy Irina Spring and Senator Viktor Ozerov will lead to the fact that the company would have to buy new equipment for 500 billion rubles will need It to control the contents of the parcels in all phases of delivery, from the moment of their reception until the delivery to the addressee. In addition, 100 billion rubles will cost maintenance and staff salaries, was stated in the message of “Mail of Russia”.

As explained Malyshev, in the “Mail of Russia” hope that the security will help change the regulation of postal services, in particular reception of parcels in the clear. “This practice has been repeatedly used in post offices for events requiring security measures, such as during the Winter Olympic games in Sochi,” — he recalled, adding that this measure would not require “significant additional costs”.

“Mail of Russia” expects to find “does not require significant investment decision after the analysis of law. The company hopes that thanks to this, the tariffs for postal services after the adoption of the law will not grow.

President Vladimir Putin signed the “anti-terrorist” package of bills on Thursday. The document, inter alia, requires postal operators to ensure that shipments were not prohibited items — weapons, drugs, poisonous plants or animals, perishable products, etc. To check packages can be used x-ray, metal detectors, gas detectors, and other devices.