In the United States declared mourning after the shooting in Dallas

On Friday, July 8, the United States declared mourning in connection with the murder of five police officers in Dallas. President Barack Obama has disposed to lower a little national flags in the country as a sign of respect to the victims of the attack. This was reported on the White house website.

Flags over the White house and all government buildings and military facilities will remain at half-mast until July 12.

July 7, during a protest against police brutality in Dallas snipers opened fire on police, killing four policemen and an officer of the railway service, and another six were injured. Police chief David brown announced the arrest of three suspects and a fourth was detonated by law enforcement officials.

Obama condemned the incident and said that such attacks cannot be justified. He also noted the need to accelerate the reform of the police.

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At the protest in Dallas started shooting at the police

Mass protest against police brutality in Dallas turned into riots and clashes with police, during which the shooting occurred. According to the latest information obtained from…

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