In Russian McDonald’s started to accept payment card “the World”

The cashier at the fast food restaurant “McDonald’s”

The largest chain of fast food restaurants McDonald’s started taking credit cards “the World”, told “Kommersant” the participants of the market and confirmed in the network itself. The company said that the pay order card “the World” is available at all McDonald’s restaurants in Russia from July 1. Acquiring cards by the Bank “Russian standard”.

The publication notes that McDonald’s became the first American company to start to accept the card “the World”. In Russia, the fast food chain has the status of a legal entity, but is actually managed from abroad. “McDonald’s has become the largest cross-network card acceptance “Mir “, — notes the edition.

Now cards of the National system of payment cards (nvqs) taking Russian airline “Aeroflot”, the telecommunications operator Tele2 and clothes manufacturer H&M and Mothercare. In addition, the card “the World” can be used anywhere in the “Ile de Beauté” and the restaurant “Jean-Jacques” and “De Marco”.

Founder and managing network “Teremok” Mikhail Goncharov in conversation with “Kommersant” said that not long ago, the network also began accepting the cards “the World” in Moscow and Moscow region. However, he noted that “other cities”. In another network of fast food restaurants — KFC — edition announced that they are ready to start accepting cards of the Russian payment system, if the acquiring Bank (Sberbank) will be able to provide that opportunity.

In April AliExpress signed a Protocol on cooperation with the NPS. This allows the Russians this autumn to pay off the cards “the World” when making purchases through this online platform.

In mid-June for a few days “Dr. Zhivago” was to accept only the card “the World” and by American Express. “This decision was taken to support the Russian economy”, — said in an interview with RBC administrator Dr. Zhivago. Owner Alexander Rappaport then explained RBC that the rejection of Visa and MasterCard cards linked to the concept of the restaurant, which has Russian food, cuisine, a map of “the World” is a local financial product”.

However, a few days Rappoport admitted that the decision to refuse to accept Visa and MasterCard commercial course.

Payment system “the World” was conceived as a Russian alternative to the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard. Launched in Russia in December 2015.