Sheremetyevo will buy “imitators explosive devices” over 639 thousand.

Airport “Sheremetyevo” will purchase a set of “simulated explosive devices”, reported on the official procurement website.

Such products airport “Sheremetyevo” will supply OOO “NTC EVRAAS”. The contract amount is muah 638.8 thousand rubles, stated in the procurement documents.

Simulators bombs are purchased for “training and quality assurance of inspection of inspectors” who work on x-ray television introscopes with the inspection of baggage and hand Luggage of passengers. About it the official representative of “Sheremetyevo”, told “Interfax”. According to the company, involving simulated explosives are satisfied to maintain a high level of “anxiety” the security staff of the airport.

In early April the Russian Ministry of transport proposed at the legislative level to make a permanent solid screen passengers and Luggage at the entrance to airports, regardless of the presence or absence of the terrorist threat.

This initiative came against the backdrop of the investigation of the case against the owner of Domodedovo airport Dmitry Mason and three other airport employees, who were accused of providing services not meeting safety requirements and caused the death of citizens. The investigation claimed that the entered user Domodedovo in 2010, the screening technology has lowered the security of the airport and allowed the suicide bomber to enter the building and detonate a bomb. Killed 37 people, injured 172.