Canadian insurers have record damage from forest fire

Fire raging in the Fort McMurray (province of Alberta, Canada), was the most devastating for insurers in the history of this country. About it reports broadcasting company CBC News citing data from the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

According to the obtained data, the damage from natural disasters amounted to approximately $3.58 billion Forest fire that occurred in early may, killed 2.4 thousand houses and other buildings.

According to the Vice-President of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, bill Adams, the real damage from the fire is unknown, but a large part has to compensate insurance company” reports CBC.

According to the data, 27 thousand people filed for damage to housing and other real estate (an average of $81 thousand each), 5 thousand people filed for damages to commercial property (average $250K each). In addition, the insurer will meet 12 thousand lawsuits filed to cover the insurance of automobiles (an average of $15 thousand each).

Due to forest fire in the canadian province of 80 thousand people were forced to leave their homes in Fort Macmurray in early may. They had to move to the town, located 20 km away, Burned entire neighborhoods, authorities reported that the fire actually blocked one of the exits of the city.