Tony Blair has claimed responsibility for errors in the operation in Iraq

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said he takes full responsibility for any errors during the operation in Iraq in 2003. The message published on the official website policy.

So former British Prime Minister reacted to published earlier Wednesday, the investigation into Lord John of chilcote about the necessity of military operations in the middle Eastern country.

“The report should put an end to the accusations of bad faith, of lying or deception. Whether people agree with my decision to launch an operation against Saddam Hussein, [former Iraqi President] or not, I took it with full confidence and I believed that it would be better in the interests of the country”, — stated in the message.

He also said that later in more detail to respond to the comments published in the report. In particular, Blair argues that “there was no fraud or misuse of intelligence data”, and that there was “no deception of the Cabinet of Ministers”.

“I take full responsibility for any errors, without exception or excuse”, — said the politician.

Blair also says that, in his opinion, “it is better to overthrow Hussein”, so he does not believe that this was the cause of terrorism in the middle East and around the world.

Former Prime Minister of Britain also thanked the soldiers of the armed forces and expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. “I have learned and believe that future leaders can learn from my experience,” concluded Blair.

Wednesday, 6 July, published the results of seven formal investigations, devoted to the circumstances of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. From a legal point of view, Britain’s decision to invade Iraq was “unsatisfactory” and based on “insufficient intelligence”, the report said.

The head of the Commission chilcote believes that the possibility of a peaceful solution to the conflict have been exhausted. In his opinion, the government were unable to cope with the tasks.

In the course of military operations in Iraq has claimed the lives of 179 British troops. The operation lasted from 2003 to 2011.