Holders will create alternative to the Russian copyright society

Producer Victor Drobysh, part of the initiative group of the holders

A group of musicians and producers creates an Association “Author’s Union”, the Agency RNS, citing a source familiar with the process. This information confirmed RBC producer Victor Drobysh and the representative of the composer Gennady Gladkov, who are members of the initiative group of rights holders. The Association will also include performers Vyacheslav Butusov, Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), Nyusha, composer Alexander Zatsepin and heirs of Michael Tariverdiev, said Drobysh. Just a few hundreds of copyright holders, said in a conversation with RNS Namin.

“Author’s Union” is conceived as an alternative to the Russian copyright society (RAO) is the largest Russian organization in the field of copyright. During the preparation of the documents, all legal procedures should be completed in the next two months, said Drobysh. According to him, RAO makes no warranties and feelings that you receive a decent reward for their creativity”. The producer is ready to be “ordinary member” of the new organization, because he wants “transparency and equity”.

RAO does not suit the authors of its “lack of transparency”, said RBC representative Gladkova Malik Amines. However, “select something from RAO is not the objective of the organization, said Amines.

RAO is a non — government organization, which is engaged in the collection and distribution of royalties in favor of authors (composers and songwriters). 2015 RAO has collected about 4.5 billion rubles., of which the holders received 3.6 billion roubles, according to the check of the Prosecutor’s office. In 2008, the company received from the Ministry of culture of the state accreditation, in 2013 it was extended for a period of 10 years.

In late June, the Tagansky court of Moscow arrested Director General of RAO Sergei Fedotov for the period up to August 17. The head of the companies suspected of fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code): he is charged with involvement in the scheme, which could cause the raw damage for the sum more than 500 million RUB Employees of the MIA of Russia is interested in the activities of raw in 2015, then began testing “on the subject of embezzlement of royalties through the acquisition and subsequent conclusion through false firms of real estate”. Fedotov himself not guilty. According to the lawyer of Denis Balueva, his client is ready to cooperate with the investigation.

Fedotova stood up for the filmmaker, the President of the Board of the Russian Union of rights holders (RBC) Nikita Mikhalkov. He said he was ready to petition for relief Chapter RAO. The Director emphasized that the need to divide personal and working relationships with Fedotov: Mikhalkov is the godfather of the son of the CEO of RAO, but has no relationship to the work of the organization.

1 July 15 members of the authors ‘ Council of RAO sent a letter to the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry, which was asked to check the legality and validity of arrest Fedotov. Members of the RAO stated that the funds, which was commenced investigations has already been partially returned to the accounts of the organization and the full amount will go in the near future. The representative of the Ministry of culture at the end of June said that the searches in the society “are not grounds for revocation of accreditation.”