Putin has banned foreign companies to explore TV audience in Russia

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law forbidding to foreigners to conduct studies of the size of the audience of Russian TV channels. The corresponding document was published on the official portal of legal information.

As noted in the document, conduct research, TV audience are not authorized by foreign States, international organizations or organizations under their control, foreign legal entities and Russian legal entities, the share of foreign capital of which is more than 20%.

The law also States that for an organization that conducts research volumes of the TV audience in Russia it is necessary to obtain state accreditation. Hold accreditation will be a special Commission Roskomnadzor, which will also determine the number of organizations permitted to conduct research.

Accreditation is valid for one year. If before the expiry of the accreditation Commission decides on its opinion, its term has been extended for another year.

The state Duma adopted the bill on amendments to the market regulation of the audience measurement television on June 22. For amendments to the laws “On mass media” and “advertising” vote of 424 deputies, two voted against it. The bill on 6 June submitted to the state Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction Andrei Lugovoi.

TV channels and advertisers supported the bill, but asked to postpone amendments until at least the start of 2018. Otherwise, under forecasts of representatives of the industry, they will lose up to 40% of the funds of advertisers.