On a place of detection of bodies of Russians in Fiji found human remains

On the beach in Fiji, where previously were found the bodies of Russians, Yuri and Natalia Shipulina, found the remains of another person. This was reported by the local chief of police Luke Navela, writes fijivillage.com.

He said that they found a local resident who was walking along the shore, and then reported to the police. According to Restored, the remains were wrapped in the same way as the remains of the Russians.

Bodies of Russians were found on the Natadola beach in the middle of last month. DNA tests showed that the remains belonged to the Russian pair. After some time on another beach was found in their car with clothes and passports.

After that it was a criminal case under article “murder”. As reported in an interview with the local edition of the friend of the victims, shortly before his death from Shipulina had problems with money. In Fiji they lived for about five years and kept your own farm.