Losses on the excavation: as My street cut off cafes and shops from customers

Reconstruction of Tverskaya street in the framework of the program “My street”

In anticipation of the sidewalks

Most reconstructed within the program “My street” (see reference) areas within the Garden ring, and many of them are so-called trade corridors. Map service 2GIS calculated for the RBC that only 30 streets, which is now underway, including Tverskaya street, Big Garden, Meadow, Moscow, Taganskaya, Znamenka, Nikitsky and Novinsky boulevards, Teatralny proezd, Smolensk area and other, as of the end of June was 698 restaurants, clothing and grocery stores.

Their aggregate area at least twice Europe’s largest shopping center “Aviapark”, located on 230 thousand sq. m. Consulting company “Shop of shops” was able to perform 11 streets, who are under reconstruction, and counted there 394,6 thousand square meters of retail real estate.

The number of cafés and restaurants compete Tverskaya street and New Arbat — 67 and 68 points, respectively. Most clothing shops located in Teatralny proezd and on Novinsky Boulevard — 51 and 48. Food stores the center of Moscow is full of weak, over three dozen of the studied streets only 22.

If on most streets the work is carried out in small patches, in the Tver authorities took seriously: a long weekend in late may, they completely blocked off traffic of cars, in the weeks that followed the movement of vehicles was limited to three lanes in each direction, and at night from 6 to 9 June — two (before the reconstruction there were five bands). Landscaping streets with a length of 1.3 km between Manezhnaya, and Pushkinskaya squares will end only at the end of August.

Measurements conducted by specialists of Watcom Shop Mechanics on the streets with poor pedestrian movement, showing that restricting entry reduces traffic by 20% on average. “Moving stream is very sensitive to the limitations as soon as there is some obstacle, people simply avoid the area and may not notice neither the store nor the restaurant,” explains managing partner, Watcom Dmitry Netkach.

According to the head of Department strit-retail JLL Moscow office of Yulia Nazarova, depending on the location of the premises the sale of the retailers on repaired streets could fall by 30-50%, has a value of proximity to metro and nearby Parking.

According to the “Store shopping”, weekday Hiking traffic on Tverskaya is about 25 thousand people a day, the weekend is reduced to 18 thousand “Program has negatively affected sales of several retailers whose sites are located in Tver, overall revenue dipped by 15%”, — says the employee of one of the online retailers specializing in the sale of electronics. During the reconstruction the traffic and revenue men’s clothing store Henderson, according to a company representative Anastasia Nedorezova, sank 20%.

My street

The idea of improvement of Moscow streets on a single plan arose in mid-2014; responsible for the execution of the program, called “My street” was the Department of capital repairs under the Deputy mayor for housing and beautification Petr Biryukov.

In 2016, this program needs to be repaired 52 street in the historic center, the seven gates at the intersection of MKAD and highway and 14 squares near metro stations. For comparison, in last year’s campaign for improvement was attended by 47 streets. Most of the work needs to be done from may to August.

Until 2018 for the improvement of the program “My street” the city authorities plan to spend more than 120 billion rubles According to the concept, workers in the city widen the sidewalks by narrowing the roadway, repairing the facades of the houses, organize the illumination and equip parks, lawns, and planted trees and shrubs.

Saving Parking

According to the President of the company Vassa & Co Vladislav Granovsky, the Moscow center has become a construction site, the work shops. “Who cares what the stores will be bent? Like a flower that is not watered for three days, fade, and store, which buyers can’t go four months, you will die” — says the entrepreneur. The program “My street” referred to two boutique Vassa & Co on Nikitsky Boulevard and Bolshaya Yakimanka.

The decline in traffic was noted and the employee of the cosmetic network Ile de Beaute” shop which is located on Tverskaya. “But the performance of one store will not affect the performance of the company. In addition, the craving for beauty of Russian women, especially cosmetics, will not stop any excavations in the streets,” he jokes.

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“The city, convenient for life”: who and what is dug up Tverskaya

Last weekend the city authorities completely blocked the movement of vehicles along the main street of Moscow — Tverskaya for holding work on the improvement of the street.

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The underground Parking gives you the chance to relive the urban construction works without any losses. Flagship store “Detsky Mir” on Vozdvizhenka the flow of customers has not changed, says a representative of the retailer Nadezhda Kiseleva: “Most of the work takes place on the side of the street with odd house numbers and on adjacent to our store Big Kislovskom the alley. Reduced the number of Parking spaces on the side streets, but buyers can use the underground Parking in the building.”

The owner of a restaurant holding Maison Dellos Andrey Dellos noted that the reconstruction did not affect his restaurants “Pushkin” and “Turandot”, located in the mansion on Tverskoy Boulevard, since the mid-2000s during the reconstruction of the building under it was made a four-level underground Parking. “Our goal was to simply provide access to Parking and the issue of [traffic] closed automatically,” says the businessman. However, he recognizes that the availability of such Parking for Moscow is rather rare, including for groundwater.

To avoid losses, the founder of the restaurant group White Rabbit Family Zarkov Boris has decided to close two institutions, located along the façade of Smolensky passage — Zodiac and Luciano. In holding waiting for everything to be completed to open the point again, said the representative of the group Anna Tyurina. But in the restaurants White Rabbit, “chicha” and a Selfie, located in the “Smolensky passage” and “Novinsky passage”, the repair of roads did not affect — their guests can use the large underground car parks in these shopping centers.

Feel revenue decline in “chocolate” with three coffeehouses located in the area of reconstruction. To change the situation, according to the representative of the Yulia Saida Afonina, the company is launching additional promotions.

Inflexible landlords

Granovsky believes that if the authorities cared about the business, “they would have agreed with the owners [of buildings], in order to compensate rent.” Many landlords made concessions to tenants for the period of repair, knowing that this process can have a negative impact on sales, said one of the interlocutors of RBC: its store on Tverskaya got a discount. Today the rent on Tverskaya, according to the company Knight Frank, the average is 80-160 thousand RUB for 1 sq. m a year.

Representative Henderson also reported that the landlord agreed to a discount on the rent, “sufficient to offset the decline in revenue. Soft rent will continue until the retailer will not recover the usual traffic.

According to the Director direction of street retail at Knight Frank Victoria kamlyuk, at the time of the construction works tenants can ask for a discount of 10-20% off the regular cost. Some companies that have already faced similar situations in the treaties contains provisions on reducing the cost of rent during repairs, and restricted access to the room, says Nazarov.

But to agree on the price reduction can not please everyone. “The problems of Indians do not matter,” jokes co-owner of the coffehouse “Doubleb” Anna Tsfasman. According to her observations, in the case of street-food shoveled and street construction work in front of the entrance to the school will inevitably lead to a drop in traffic to 50% and more, thus to beg the owners for a discount or “vacation” is almost impossible. “Last year, when dug Bronnoy, the proceeds of our coffee shops fell 2.5 times, recalls her words. Point in the CCS [Central children’s store], of course, suffers, but there is a drop of 30%. It’s still a shopping Mall, which itself attracts traffic,” she concludes.

“We always try, where possible, to negotiate the reduction of the cost, but almost no one agreed,” says the owner of Novikov Group Arkady Novikov. According to him, about half of the institutions holding the program “My street” has somehow affected. “But I look at it philosophically, the reconstruction will be completed, and traffic will be more,” — said Novikov.

As reasons and co-owner of networks “Jean-Jacques” and “John Donne,” Dmitry Yampolsky: he is confident that the reconstruction will significantly improve the flow of customers in the future. With traffic in his institutions declined by 30-40%, says the restaurateur.

With the participation of Denis Puzyreva and Svetlana Reiter