Sarkozy will step down as head of the party “the Republicans”

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced plans to resign as head of the party. He said this at a meeting of the party, according to Reuters.

“This party Congress will last when I am the head of the Republicans,” he said.

If Sarkozy remained head of the party, he could not participate in the primaries before the presidential election, said the Agency. For this he would need to resign at least two weeks before 9 September, when the deadline for submission of applications.

In November supporters of the Republicans and all right-wing centrists in France will choose who will be their candidate before the presidential election in 2017.

Of its intention to participate in presidential elections has previously stated the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen. “Yes, I am a candidate for the presidency in 2017. I am the candidate who will defend the truth,” she said in February 2016.

Their candidate not put forward by the socialists, but they “likely” will be the current President of France fran├žois Hollande, according to Reuters. He may nominate his candidacy for a second term, claimed in June 2015, the Minister of health of France Marisol Touraine.