The family of the deceased pilot of the su-24 refused to take a gift home from Turkey

The family of the pilot Oleg Peshkov, who was the commander of the su-24 shot down a Turkish air force will waive any compensation that may offer Ankara. This was the brother of the deceased Paul Peshkov told the radio station “Moscow Says”.

“Even if they offer compensation, no one will. It’s not that humiliating, it’s horrible,” said Peshkov. According to him, “and in thoughts such was not.” No petitions concerning compensation to Turkey “no cooking”. So he responded to reports about the readiness of Turkey to give the house as compensation.

Earlier the Consul General of Russia in Antalya Alexander tolstopyatenko said that the authorities of the Turkish resort of Kemer has offered to give the house the family of the deceased pilot of the su-24.

The diplomat said that to him came the delegation of the municipality of Kemer and they sounded the appropriate “desire”. No decision on the outcome of the meeting was not accepted.

About the possibility of Ankara to give Russia a compensation for the downed su-24, said in June the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim. Soon, however, he stated that Turkey is to pay for the plane will not.