Flight to Kazan from Domodedovo airport was delayed because a swarm of bees on the aircraft fuselage

In the capital airport of Domodedovo the plane of the company S7 A319 intending to fly to Kazan, was delayed because a swarm of bees on the fuselage of the aircraft. The incident was reported by the passengers of the plane by posting pictures on social networks.

According to “Kommersant”, the flight was postponed for almost an hour. According to those on Board, they watched “the plane arrived at the specialist and scraping bees into the box.” And passengers and their baggage were transferred to another plane. While not specified, flew out whether the flight to Kazan.

In a press-service of the airport Domodedovo “Kommersant” reported that “due to the bees no one was hurt.”

The delay of the flight Domodedovo — Kazan… Bees!!! This black spot is Roy!!! Offers security services #zaderzhalas

Photos published Laysan Abdullina (@leisantv)

Original time flight was announced at 16:55 Moscow time, said “Kazan is a reporter.” According to “Kommersant”, the plane was supposed to leave Domodedovo at 17:40. Passengers told “Kommersant” that notice right on the nose of the aircraft “oval spot more than a meter is a hive, where bees or wasps.

According to the “Kazan news,” among the passengers was a former chief editor of the information Agency “Tatar-inform” Laysan Abdullina and former goalkeeper of Russia Ruslan Nigmatullin.

On the eve of 30 June, Embraer 190 of the airline “Saratov airlines”, EN route from Saratov to Moscow and landed at Domodedovo airport hit the engine bird.