Colleagues of the head of RAO asked for his release from custody

Members of the authors ‘Council, Russian authors’ society (RAO) sent a letter to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika and interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to mitigate the restraint imposed on the General Director of RAO Sergei Fedotov, who since June 28, is under arrest. A letter to the Prosecutor General and the Minister of internal Affairs was signed by 16 of the 23 members of the authors ‘ Council of RAO. Among them, the composer Eduard Artemyev, musician Yuri Antonov, the poet Andora Dementiev, singers Dmitry Malikov and Valery Syutkin and others.

Cultural workers are requested to check the legality and validity of arrest of the head of RAO, said in a letter received by RBC. The members of the copyright Board also noted that Fedotov does not put pressure on witnesses and do not hinder the investigation. According to them, militiamen took “exhaustive measures” to prevent Fedotov attempts to abscond.

Author’s advice RAO also expressed disagreement with the position of law enforcement. On the eve of the investigation showed Fedotov charges of fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the Russian Criminal code). According to the investigative bodies in 2012, the head of RAO misled the author’s advice on the purpose of creating the subsidiary, ZAO Service and maintenance company (SEC), the balance of which was later transferred belonging to RAO real estate and cars. Investigators estimate the damage to authors ‘ society from the actions Fedotov amounted to 500 million rubles. Fedotov pleaded not guilty.

The authors of the letter argue that the decision on creation of SEK adopted by the Board in accordance with established procedures. Representatives of RAO also agree that the emergence of the SEK resulted in material damage to the society. “Efforts Fedotov and S. S. were found buyers for these shares from ZAO “SEK” at a price comparable to the cost previously allocated to CJSC “SEK” property. Partially the funds for the shares has been credited to the account of ZAO “SEK”, the full amount of the funds will be deposited in JSC “SEK” after the formal procedures,” said the authors of the letter.

The copyright Council also asked Kolokoltsev and Tea to prevent the destruction of the RW result of a criminal investigation.

Previously, Fedotova stood up for the filmmaker, the President of the Board of the Russian Union of rights holders Nikita Mikhalkov. He said he was ready to petition for relief Chapter RAO. The Director emphasized that it is associated and a personal relationship with Fedotov, Mikhalkov is the godfather of his son. At the same time, Mikhalkov said that under the guidance of Fedotov RAO managed to “almost every year to increase payments to authors”, and in the period of crisis to maintain their “decent level”.

Previously RBC reported that the head of RAO was arrested at 4 a.m. on June 28. It happened after a night of interrogation, which lasted several hours in the UVD of the Central administrative district (TSAO) Moscow. This was preceded by a search and seizure of documents at the office of RAO, also at the cottage and in the apartment Fedotov.