Apple began negotiating the purchase of the music service Jay-Z

Apple is considering using Tidal strengthen the position of their own music Apple Music service as Napster support such popular artists like rapper Kanye West, Madonna and others, reported the WSJ. For example, the latest album from Kanye West The Life of Pablo fans could download only Tidal — resulting in February 2016 Tidal led the top of the app store Apple Store due to the fact that fans of the singer began to register with the service.

Tidal is the only service that has a catalog of songs by American recording artist Prince, who was kept away from other streaming services, but were on good terms with himself, Jay-Z. Prince died in April 2016 of a drug overdose at the age of 57 years.

Negotiating the purchase of Tidal continue, but the deal could not take place, the quoted sources. Terms of the potential deal are not known. The representative Tidal in conversation with the newspaper reported that the service manual does not negotiate with Apple. The information about the negotiations appeared about a year after Apple introduced its own music service Apple Music.

Jay-Z bought Tidal in March 2015 for $56 million from the Swedish company Aspiro, which has created the brand name Tidal. The rapper gave a small percentage of service 19 well-known artists and groups including Madonna, canadian band Arcade Fire, Beyonce, etc.) and promised millions of dollars in sales, reports the WSJ, citing people familiar with the matter.

A subscription to Tidal costs users $20 per month that allow you to access 40 million songs with high quality sound. Monthly subscription to the catalog of musical works with the standard sound quality will cost $10. The number of paid subscribers is 4.2 million, most of which joined the Tidal this year, with exclusive releases by such musicians as Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyonce being the wife of Jay-Z, according to the company.

The service has a reputation as a friendly to the artists: it belongs to the musicians; despite the fact that the number of its subscribers is less than other streaming services, they pay all the money that brings more revenue to the music industry than advertising revenues. For example, similar to the Swedish Spotify, which is the leader by number of subscribers, 30 million paid subscribers and approximately 70 million free. Service irritated some of the stars that refused to limit their music to a paid subscription. As a result, artists like Taylor swift and Adele did not release their albums on Spotify: Adele album “25”, which was released in 2015, is now available for subscribers to Spotify until June 2016.

Tidal held talks in 2015 with such a potential partner, as the streaming service Rhapsody, says the WSJ, citing a source. Now Rhapsody has changed its name to Napster.

Apple Music was created on the basis of the streaming service Beats, which Apple bought along with the headphone manufacturer Beats Electronics for $3 billion in may 2014. Under the deal, Apple was joined by co-founder of Beats Jimmy Iovine and Andre young Romelli, known under the pseudonym Dr. Dre. 13 June 2016, Apple announced that the service has 15 million paid subscribers, that pay $9.99 per month or individually at $14.99, provided family subscription. On the same day Apple announced that in the fall, when will the update of iOS 10, will make a redesign of the service, because users complained that it is difficult to navigate.

Thus, it is possible to deal Tidal and Apple can lead to the fact that two representatives of the hip-hop industry from the West and East coasts of the USA unite for one business-task. The newspaper notes that the parties may experience friction, as the Tidal proud to give freedom to their artists, who after the music release can’t do anything with my music, told WSJ a source familiar with the situation. Apple, by contrast, tries to work closely with musicians. The company provides marketing support and helps to pay for a music video for the high status artists in exchange for exclusive rights to Apple Music for a certain period.