Nikita Mikhalkov for the first time commented on the arrest of the head of RAO

Director and President of the Council of the Russian Union of rights holders (RBC) Nikita Mikhalkov

Film Director and President of the Board of the Russian Union of rights holders (RBC) Nikita Mikhalkov for the first time commented on the criminal case against the head of the Russian authors ‘ society (RAO) Sergei Fedotov. According to Mikhalkov, the measure of restraint Fedotov “could be more humane in nature.”

“If need be, I’m ready to petition for it [to change the measure of restraint, because I am quite sure that, in the first place, he Sergey Fedotov interested in the fact that were placed all points over “i”, and the truth has triumphed”, — quotes the words of Mikhalkov’s press service.

The Director also noted that during the joint work on the creation of a system of copyright protection he could see in Fedotov, “a brilliant professional, deep analysis and expert in industry issues.”

According to Mikhalkov, under the guidance of Fedotov RAO managed to “almost every year to increase payments to authors, and in the crisis years to keep the payments at a decent level.” The filmmaker stressed that over the last ten years (Fedotov has held the post of Director in 2007) of RAO “increased fees in favor of the authors by almost 5 times”.

At the same time, in the opinion of the Director, in the work of organizations of this scale inevitably, you can find negative aspects, and large errors and, of course, they need to respond, but also not to forget those [achieved] results.”

Mikhalkov stressed that his personal relationship with Fedotov was built on the principles of openness, transparency and commitment. The head of RAO, according to Mikhalkov, they always complied. “But it absolutely does not exclude the fact that in the depths of such large companies as RAO wittingly or unwittingly, could be committed certain violations of varying severity. Actually, this is necessary to understand,” added the Director. According to him, the investigation should go “quietly, professionally, objectively, without allowing danger to some “spirited head,” taking advantage of the situation, “under the hot hand” tried to capture or destroy the already fragile for so long created the design for the protection of copyright.

The filmmaker said that he is the godfather of the son of Nikita Fedotov. Mikhalkov noted that “little Nikita, of necessity, should always be seen by the doctors”.

On 28 June, the Tagansky court of Moscow has arrested Sergei Fedotov for the period up to August 17. Head of RAO suspected of fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). Fedotov law enforcement authorities suspect of being involved in fraudulent scheme that could cause the raw damage for the sum more than 500 million rubles Fedotov pleaded not guilty. According to the lawyer of Denis Balueva, his client is ready to cooperate with the investigation.

As reported by RBC, Fedotov was arrested at 4 a.m. on June 28 after a night of questioning in the UVD of the Central administrative district (TSAO) Moscow. The day before in the office of RAO, in the country and home Fedotov passed searches and seizure of documents. A criminal case, a defendant who became Fedotov, was filed on June 17, reported the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.