The Pope called on the Church to apologize to gays for the same respect

Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Sunday, June 26, after returning from Yerevan, told reporters that the Roman Catholic Church must apologize to gays for the same against them, reports Reuters.

The answer came after the Pope was asked whether he agrees with the statements of the German cardinal, that the Church should apologize to gay people. The Pontiff noted that according to Church teachings, homosexuals should not be discriminated against. They should be treated, according to the pastor’s message.”

“I think that the Church should not only apologize <…> to homosexuals, whom she hurt, but also needs to apologize to the poor, and to women who have been subjected to exploitation, and to children being exploited [forcing] to work. She [the Church] needs to apologize for praising so many weapons,” added the Pope.

The Pontiff also repeated, but in a slightly modified form, the previously expressed thesis, “Who am I to judge,” said during his first foreign trip after his election in 2013. “If people in such a situation, and he has good will and seeks God, who are we to judge?”, he said.