Ministry estimated the fraud in the “Russian author’s society” in 500 million rubles.

Searches in the “Russian authors’ society (RAO) held in the case of fraud initiated on the fact of illegal alienation of property, the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk, received RBC. Field investigators Guebipk of the MIA of Russia together with employees of FSB of Russia revealed the fraudulent scheme of illegal appropriation of the property of third parties of property owned by RAO of the organization caused the damage, according to preliminary estimates, exceeds 500 million rubles, said in a statement.

On the revealed facts criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud committed in especially large size), said the Wolf. In places of work and residence of the suspects is being searched, seized objects and documents relevant to a criminal investigation. The purpose of operatively-search actions — establishment of scheme members and additional episodes of their illegal activities, according to the press release of the Ministry of interior.

Today, June 27, it became known about carrying out of investigatory actions at office “the Russian authors society (RAO) on Bolshaya Bronnaya in Moscow and in the house Fedotov at Nikolina Gora. About 13.30 MSK sources RBC reported that the head of the RAO left the house and operational activity will continue at a different location. Around 15.00 Fedotov in the car of the interior Ministry arrived at the house on Malaya Bronnaya, the house 14, reports RBC correspondent from the scene. In this house there is the apartment is done, which it acquired in 2010 and the extract from Rosreestr. Close to home, while photos were taken from the Nikolina Gora, was on duty the car the Main Directorate of economic security and counteraction of corruption (Guebipk).

The interlocutor of RBC in the Central apparatus of the interior Ministry confirmed that the search was conducted by staff of his Department. According to him, operatives of Quebec and of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of interior came on June 27 in the office of RAO and home to Fedotov. In addition, near the office of the society, where he held investigative activities, there was a bus with a detachment of special purpose “bison” division, which, according to the presidential decree, became part of the national guard.

The representative of RAO UES refused to answer questions about the searches in the house and the apartment Fedotov and how they can be linked, and did not speak about the possible detention of the head of RAO. At the request of the RBC to contact Fedotov, representative of RAO announced that his phone was unavailable. RBC tried to call Fedotov: it’s ringing, but the phone number no one answers.

That Guebipk the beginning of the audit of RAO RBC wrote in August 2015. Authorities checked “on the subject of embezzlement of royalties through the acquisition and subsequent conclusion through false firms of real estate”, followed from the documents that RBC sent by an anonymous source. Possible damage — about 0.5 billion rubles, stated in the materials.

As followed from the documents in 2007-2011 RAO has acquired the four properties, the total area of which exceeds 2 thousand sq. m. Then these objects were contributed to the authorized capital of SEK), which established the RAO. SEK, in turn, became the founder of three companies (“Media M”, “Musical Olympus”, “Media management”) and contributed to the authorized capital of each one object. After these facilities went to third party companies “Siberia-leasing” and “Rosavtotrans” and Evelina Nikolaevna Eskinol. The facts of change of ownership in all properties of RBC confirmed by extracts from the databases, particularly from the Federal registration service and register.

The representative of RAO then podrida fact checking, but denied bad faith actions. SEC was established in accordance with the decision of the authors ‘ Council of RAO (the main governing body of the company consisting of 20 people) to manage real estate and commercial activities. About this decision reviewed, was interviewed some members of the authors ‘ Council, most of which confirmed the Council’s decision. Due to the economic crisis and the rising cost of maintenance of premises under management of SEK, and decided on their implementation and the investment of the proceeds in assets that will more effectively ensure the activity of RAO” has explained then the representative of RAO. What assets he did not elaborate.