The ruling party of Spain, took first place in the parliamentary elections

The conservative “people’s party” acting head of the government of Spain, Mariano Rajoy took first place in the parliamentary elections held this Sunday. This is evidenced by the results of exit polls published by television channel TVE.

As reported by Reuters, “people’s party”, according to preliminary data, will receive from about 117 to 121 seats in the new Parliament, which will not allow it alone to form a majority, which requires 176 deputies. In the previous Parliament the people’s party” had 123 seats.

The second elections took place on the coalition Unidos Podemos (“Together we can”), which was formed by left-wing parties. They managed to get ahead of the Socialist party, who lost the position of the second party in the Parliament. According to Reuters, in the case of a coalition Unidos Podemos and the Socialist party they will be able to form a new government.

Fourth place in the elections took the liberal party Ciudadanos, which will have 26 deputies in Parliament.

Previous elections were held in Spain in December. Then the “people’s party” took the first place, but failed to form a coalition, but because of Mariano Rajoy was acting Prime Minister.