Oleg Navalny were given three penalties before the consideration of the question of PAROLE

Oleg Navalny, brother of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, has delivered three new penalties, it happened in the week before considering his request for conditional release (PAROLE). This is stated in the Facebook Oleg Navalny.

According to him, the week he was written three reports. One turned out an educational conversation to be entered in a personal matter, and two resulted in penalties in the form of a written reprimand”.

Thus, the message Bulk, he had accumulated 12 outstanding penalties. He admitted that because of this it can translate to strict conditions.

The court will consider the question of PAROLE Navalny on June 27. Initially the meeting was planned behind closed doors in a colony where convict. This was due to the renovation at the courthouse. However, later it became known that the process was opened for the audience.

30 Dec 2014 Navalny was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on charges of fraud and money laundering in the case of “Yves Rocher”. Alexey Navalny received the same period of probation. After 18 months that Oleg Navalny was held in the colony, he was entitled to PAROLE.