From petitions for a new referendum on Brexit removed 77 thousand signatures

Of a petition for a second referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union removed 77 thousand forged signatures. This is stated in the Twitter of the Committee on petitions of the British Parliament.

The report stated that the Committee would continue to monitor “suspicious activity”. It is noted that the signatures were removed despite the fact that the site was not hacked. Now the document available for signing. As of 20:33, a petition signed by more than 3 million 361 thousand people.

As earlier in the day told British newspaper Metro, the Creator of the document was an activist of the nationalist organization “English Democrats” and opposed to the EU William Healy. According to him, he created a petition on may 23, when the polls showed the advantage of the proponents of the United Kingdom in the EU.

The publication notes that the petition could be signed by the supporters of Brexit, which would insure in case of defeat. The house of Commons promised to consider the petition.

A referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU took place on 23 June. According to its results was won by the Pro-Brexit — they scored 51.9% of the votes. Opponents of such decision received 48.1% of the votes. The turnout was 71.9%.

The author of the petition on holding a second referendum proposed to change system of counting of votes. In his opinion, the vote should be held if the number of voters for or against Brexit less than 60%, and the turnout was below 75%.

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