Foreign Minister of Britain, called disaster loss of access to the European market

Loss of access to the European market would be “catastrophic” for Britain. This opinion was expressed by foreign Minister of the United Kingdom Philip Hammond, after residents voted in a referendum for secession from the European Union, reports Reuters.

Hammond, who advocated the preservation of the country in the unit, said: “Britain will not be able to retain access to the single market, while the authorities will be able to fully control the flow of migrants from other EU countries”.

In his opinion, the future Prime Minister needs to clarify whether there is a tradeoff between control of the situation of migrants and the preservation of the single market access. This Hammond has assured that he is not going to nominate his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister.

On the referendum, which was held in Britain on 23 June, 51.9% of residents spoke for the country’s withdrawal from the EU. The Prime Minister David Cameron has decided to retire soon.

Immediately after the announcement of the result the mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that withdrawal from the European market would be a “mistake.” “I will insist the government to keep the country within the single market became the basis of negotiations with the EU,” he said.