Flying for treatment from Grozny to Moscow, the baby died on the plane

On Board the aircraft, flying from Grozny to Moscow, 26 June passed away a seriously ill child, which flew for treatment in the capital. As they say in the message of Investigatory Committee of Russia, the incident has already begun pre-investigation checks.

The Department explained that the aircraft of the airline UTair took off from Grozny airport at 19:08, onboard there were 92 passengers and 5 crew members. After about 30 minutes the plane made an emergency landing at the airport of departure. “The reason for the forced landing was a sharp deterioration in the health of 6-year-old boy, resident of the Chechen Republic, who suffered a serious illness. To save the child failed, he died on Board the aircraft”, – stated in the message of the RCDS.

By results of check by the investigator will be a procedural decision, promised in the Department.

In December last year there was a similar case. Then on Board the plane flying from Makhachkala to Moscow Vnukovo airport, has died, a seriously ill twelve year old boy. The child who allegedly was brain tumor, accompanied by father was flying for the operation.