Clinton increased the gap from trump to 12%

Americans that supported the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, 12% more than those who support its main rival — the candidate in US presidents from Republican party of billionaire Donald trump. It follows from the data of a survey published by the newspaper the Washington Post and broadcaster ABC.

The survey was conducted during 20-23 June, it was attended by 836 people. The Respondent had to answer the question “if elections were held today and the candidates were Hillary Clinton and Donald trump, for whom would you vote for”. So 51% of Americans voted for Clinton, while her opponent scored 39% of the vote.

Back in may, the gap between politicians was only 2%, and the population supported trump (46%). Last autumn, the difference between them was about three percent — Clinton then supported 46%, and her opponent is 43%.

“About two out of three Americans say that trump is unable to lead the nation. They are concerned about the possibility of his tenure as President and believe his comments about women, minorities and Muslims show unfair prejudice [concerning them],” writes the newspaper.

Slightly more than half of Americans say they disapprove of Clinton using personal email addresses to conduct official correspondence, as it was when she was U.S. Secretary of state.

“Half of Americans are concerned about the prospect of Clinton presidency, emphasizing the historical unpopularity of the two main candidates,” writes The Washington Post.

Both candidates have already gained sufficient number of votes for nomination for President of the United States. The elections themselves will take place on November 8.