Authorities Antalya evacuated residents and tourists from-for forest fires

Dozens of people were evacuated from two districts in the popular Turkish resort province Antalya due to forest fires. The fire spread from the resort of Adrasan to Olympos. About it reports the local edition of Hurriet.

Forest fires began on 24 June in the district of Kumluca and resumed two days later. The elimination of fire involved in the rescue, and used two helicopters and one plane. However, despite this and the help of locals, the authorities of the two resorts decided to evacuate residents and tourists, for security reasons.

“The fire spread very quickly. We can’t predict which way the wind blows and the flames will go,” said the Governor of Kumluca Polat Kaya.

In 2014 in the area already raging fire. Then was destroyed 125 hectares of forest.

In Antalya established very hot weather without precipitation. The air temperature reaches 35 degrees.