Attacked a girl passenger of the BMW was the former official of the mayoralty of Moscow

The passenger of the BMW, who had beaten the day before the girl on the Old Arbat in Moscow, was a former Advisor to the Deputy mayor Erastus Mataev. About it “RIA Novosti” was told by a member of the public Council of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow Anton Tsvetkov.

He said Mataev was in this position for three years until December 2015. He is now the CEO of the company, Cocinero plus.

“Now check all the information. More and more convinced that the police need to come to grips with this character. The labour Inspectorate also ask to check his enterprise, how he behaves with the staff,” said Flowers.

He also added that all parties to the conflict established, they give testimony. According to Tsvetkova, there is evidence of the fact of deprivation of a driving licence of the BMW driver. Now the police find out whether this man was behind the wheel. Official confirmation of this information, the Agency does not have.

About beating of the girl in the center of Moscow became known yesterday evening. Initially the incident was said the activist of the project “Movement” Andrey Filin. According to him, the passenger of the BMW with the numbers “AMR” attacked a woman and broke her phone when she started to take it off.

The portal Life reported that the man broke the girl’s phone and punched in the head multiple times when she wanted to photograph as the car was driving in the pedestrian Old Arbat street.