Turkish travel Agency proposed to abandon the system “all inclusive”

Turkey should abandon the “all inclusive” system in hotels, said the Association of tour operators of the country, writes Huriyett.

“As this system of nature is attractive to tourists, understand the costs, these hotels are unable to raise prices, while they are growing every day. Routine this system in Turkey leads to lower income in the sector. We need to gradually reduce the number of hotels with “all inclusive”, — reads the statement of the travel agencies.

Head of the Association Basaran Ulusoy noted that one way to increase revenue is to attract more wealthy tourists. Compared with European hotels the Turkish hotels offer lower prices, though their services are at a high level, he said. Ulusoy also urged to extend the tourist season to 12 months, and not be confined to spring and summer.

In 2016, Turkey is faced with a major for 17 years, the outflow of tourists. The reduction showed tourists from Russia, due to the Russian authorities introduced a ban for travel agencies selling package tours, and cancel Charter flights to Turkey. These measures were imposed after Turkey shot down a Russian su-24 in November last year. In addition, there is an outflow of tourists from other countries. He, in turn, is associated with the terrorist attacks in Turkey, the purpose of which was foreign tourists.

The Turkish authorities used extraordinary measures to attract tourists. So, in early June, they flooded the Airbus A300 in the Aegean sea near the resort of Kusadasi.