The petition for the resignation of Ombudsman for children Astakhov collected 12 thousand signatures

A petition demanding the resignation of the Commissioner for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov, published on the website for a few hours collected more than 12 thousand signatures of the required 15 thousand the Petition was posted on Friday, June 24.

The reason for the petition was the statement Astakhov during a meeting with children of survivors during a storm on the Syamozero. 23 Jun REN TV published a video recording of the conversation of the Ombudsman with the girl, which he asked the question: “How was your swim?”. The girl said nothing, and were in the house the woman replied to the Ombudsman: “Thank God, survived.”

“We regard this statement as inhuman and disgusting manifestation of narrow-mindedness, callousness and cynicism of the person, in whose job is to protect the rights and interests of children in the Russian Federation. Such qualities are incompatible with the office of the Commissioner for the rights of the child”, — is spoken in the petition.

He Astakhov said that his words were grossly taken out of context. He explained that he used psychological techniques, which help to reveal the scared kid”.

The situation Astakhov commented on the Kremlin press-Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called for “not to exaggerate” the situation. In his opinion, the phrase of the Ombudsman did not contain intentional sarcasm and was “awkward figure of speech”.

18 Jun 47 students vacationing in the children’s camp in Karelia, caught in a storm while boating on the lake. Two boats with children overturned, killing 13 children, another child went missing.