Ryanair has arranged the sale of tickets for those who “escape” from Brexit

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has arranged the sale of tickets to Europe-related referendum in the UK.

Sale will be held during the day, the airline offers 1 million tickets at a low price. “Need to escape?” says the advertising campaign published on the airline’s page on Twitter.

Advertising depicts three monkeys with the faces of supporters of Brexit, a leader of the independence Party United Kingdom (its) Nigel Faraj, the former mayor of London Boris Johnson and Minister of justice of great Britain Michael Gove. The caption to the illustration reads: “I do Not see Europe, don’t hear about Europe, not talking about Europe.”

On Friday morning, before the announcement of the referendum results, Ryanair, expecting that the British will vote against Brexit, has announced the sale of tickets in honor of save Britain’s EU membership.

The results of the referendum held in the UK on 23 June, showed that more than half of the votes made for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. A supporter of continued membership of the Kingdom in the EU is Prime Minister David Cameron announced his decision to resign.