Media reported about disabling Evrositibank from the payment system of the Central Bank

The Central Bank has cut Eurocitybank from system of Bank electronic urgent payments”. About it reports “RIA Novosti”, citing a source in banking circles.

About disabling the Bank also reported “”, citing a source in the banking market. Also, the Central Bank was disconnected from the system of the Bank “InterCredit”, clarifies the portal. Source “ noted that it is not excluded that actions of the Central Bank “is a preventive measure”.

In Evrositibank the publication stated that on Monday all payments will be done in a regular mode”. The publication failed to get comments in the “InterCredit”, but in may he said about the possible difficulties with making payments. The Bank explained that “the accident of power supply with fire in the rented premises”.

Eurocitybank is a 238-th place in terms of assets, size of its assets is of 9.59 billion. according to the assessment “InterCredit” is located on the 450-th row (2,3 billion roubles).