In Frankfurt has opened a hotline for those wishing to leave London bankers

Lobbying group Frankfurt Main Finance has opened a hotline for bankers and financiers who wish to move out of London in connection with the results of the referendum in the UK, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing group managing Director of Hubertus Veta.

“Banner “Welcome” is already installed, and the doors of the Frankfurt wide open,” said the Vet.

As told earlier, a source from the Financial Times, “half a dozen” banks of the United States and Switzerland plan to move its staff from London to Frankfurt if the UK will vote to leave the European Union. The Minister of Economics of Hesse, Tarek al-Wazir, told the FT that several foreign banks for a couple of months to assess the situation with the move to Frankfurt, claiming the title of financial capital of Europe.

Referendum in the UK on 23 June, showed that the majority of Britons are in favour of withdrawal from the European Union.