Putin obliges news aggregators to verify the accuracy of information

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a law that introduces the concept of news aggregators and determines their work. Relevant document published on the portal of legal information.

The bill was introduced by the Deputy from “Fair Russia” the Author Kazakov and a member of the Communist party Alexander Yushchenko. Under news aggregator refers to a web resource with an audience of over 1 million visitors per day. The bill was passed by the state Duma in the third reading on 10 June.

The law will force news aggregators to verify the accuracy of information of public interest, but quoting verbatim media reports responsibility they should not bear. Aggregators are obliged to check the validity of the message those sites that are not registered as mass media.

Internet business opposed the bill. Director of “Yandex” on legal issues Ekaterina Fadeeva said that the company has “no ability” to verify the authenticity of more than 100 thousand messages.

To own the aggregator may a foreigner who has established a Russian legal entity. In the initial version, the authors proposed to limit foreign participation to 20%.

The bill also requires news aggregators to store links to publications within six months. The minimum penalty for failure to comply with the law will amount to 600 thousand rubles for the first violation. To enter into force the bill must, from 1 January 2017.