Lukashenko said about the monthly requests of shareholders of “Uralkali” about the meeting

President Of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

The Belarusian authorities are not opposed to the resumption of cooperation “Belaruskali” and “Uralkali”, but the combined force of two companies is possible only in conditions of Minsk, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at the Belarusian national Assembly. He said that the representatives of Uralkali regularly turn to him with requests about the meeting, but he is waiting for proposals on the transaction with acceptable terms.

“Now almost every month to me is an appeal from the new shareholders of Uralkali: take us, though would take. I say: to be proposal — ready to meet you. But in order to get on the market noticed that we’re almost in an embrace already — we don’t need that”, — Lukashenka said (quoted by BelTA).

The Belarusian President praised the achievements of Belarusian manufacturers of potassium after a break in 2013, the partnership with Uralkali and cessation of work of the Belarusian potash company (BPC) as a joint with the Russians of the trader. According to him, despite the losses incurred (in 2014 they were estimated at about $1.5 billion), “Belaruskali” successfully “out of pique”, restored and even increased production, and its products in the global market prefer to any other. After the establishment of the enterprise “Politically” and the beginning of production at Lyuban Deposit Belarusians and does not become “complete masters on the market for potash”, said Lukashenko.

“Today they (Uralkali) is ready to unite with us. We don’t mind. But on our terms. Conditions are normal for them. Please, let’s resume (CCL) work. Let’s agree, how many will produce. How many of you as we do. Divide markets, I openly say, and won’t compete. It will bring good dividends. Think. We are not in a hurry,” — said Lukashenko.

At Uralkali, the statement of the President of Belarus refused to comment. “Communication and business contacts with the Belarusian leadership and the leaders of the “Belaruskali” we did not stop in recent years and they are as necessary with each of the parties”, – told RBC representative of URALCHEM, one of the largest shareholders of Uralkali (share 19,99%). Representative Oneksima (which owns 20% of Uralkali) has not yet been able to submit RBC comments.

Lukashenko has already stated about attempts of Uralkali to resume cooperation in September 2015 at the groundbreaking for Nezhin mining and processing complex of “Slavely”. “They’re already in January of this year and at the end of last caused me a lot of visits and ask for it again, take back,” — said the Belarusian President noted that Belarus has decided to refrain from this step.

The leadership of the “BRIC” announced the abandonment of the partnership with Belaruskali within BPC at the end of July 2013. After a month, Vladislav Baumgertner, then held the posts of General Director of Uralkali and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CCB, was arrested in Minsk after a meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich. Belarusian law enforcement agencies said that top managers of “Uralkali” suspected of abuse of power for mercenary purposes, which caused infliction of substantial harm to state and public interests of Belarus. Damages are estimated about $100 million.

In November-December 2013, Uralkali changed the main shareholder: Suleiman Kerimov and his partners, Filaret Galchev and Anatoly Skurov sold their shares ONEXIM and URALCHEM. After that Baumgertner was extradited from Belarus to Russia. He was later dismissed from the post of Director General of “Uralkali”, and in February 2015 it became known that the criminal case against Baumgertner is closed.

In December 2013, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov said that the new shareholders of Uralkali is ready to restore relations with “Belaruskali”. In the spring of 2014 for the recovery of potash cooperation between Russia and Belarus was made by the General Director Oneksima Dmitry Razumov.

In April 2014, meeting the new co-owner of Uralkali Dmitry Mazepin Lukashenko said that both sides need to decide how to proceed in the interests of our companies and our countries”.

“Most importantly, we are still in this mess and after it came out unscathed, and secondly, to be able to get from this are not permanent losses, and some dividends, because this is a business and, of course, it needs to be useful to you and our company, to our state,” — said Lukashenko.