Mark Zuckerberg has taped duct tape the webcam and microphone on your laptop

The founder of social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg has taped duct tape the webcam and microphone of your laptop. This drew the attention of Twitter user Chris Olson. “Three facts about this photo: webcam taped a microphone taped, carrier — Thunderbird”, — stated in the message.

This record drew the attention of the authors of the blog Gizmodo. “Experienced hackers are able to secretly take control of the webcam of the laptop, so Zuckerberg is fighting with them, pasting a useless piece of duct tape,” suggested the authors.

Zuckerberg himself posted this photo on his page on Facebook the day before.

It was accompanied by a post stating that the number of app users Instagram exceeded 500 million people. In 2012, the service was sold to Facebook for $1 billion Then Instagram had less than 22 million monthly active users.

The authors of the blog Gizmodo claim that the table on which I taped a webcam and microphone, really belongs to Zuckerberg. They write that this table was visible on the video (1:56), who is the founder of social network posted in September 2015 to spend the so-called tour of the office.