Gazprom has announced a tender procedure for “appealing to the Patriotic feelings” is

Gazprom has announced a tender for the development of branding campaigns for broadcast in Russia and the CIS, which will show you the “modern world-class company with a stable vector of development, which is implementing a large-scale production and social projects for the benefit of the country.” Information about the tender is posted on the procurement website.

The graphic layout of the advertising company needs to be emotional, serious, inspiring, confident, appealing to Patriotic feelings,” according to the technical assignment of the competition.

In addition, it is noted that a promotional video should be voiced announcer “with a nice soft voice” “a matter of trust and respect.” Separately, it emphasizes that it must be a baritone.

Applications for participation in the competition can be submitted until July 4, is scheduled to sum up on July 15.