Drivers will be obliged to produce automotive accommodation at own expense

Motorists will be required to make room for cars at their own expense, in the traffic police they will only receive a registration number. This will be the case if the state Duma adopts a law on the registration, said the head of traffic police of Russia Victor Nilov in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“Now we produce the registration number assigned to their car and issue. But it is planned to change this scheme,” he said, explaining that, according to the document, the driver will eventually get your hands on just the certificate of registration of the vehicle has a specific registration number.

“Maybe this room he just assigns a random choice, maybe he will buy it at auction. The room will be in the certificate of registration”, — said Nilov. It is assumed that after this, the drivers will contact one of the official organizations for making rooms.

The head of the traffic police added that the innovation will allow to save budgetary funds. “Because today we not only have to order this products, allocate it to the departments. It is necessary to transport and store. And all this costs money, and budget”, — he stressed.

Nilov said that in the same way, the number can be manufactured in case it is lost or stolen.