The Telegraph urged Britons to vote for the country’s withdrawal from the EU

The Daily Telegraph urged the British people to vote for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union at the forthcoming referendum.

“A world of opportunity awaits fully independent of Britain. This country is the leading economic power, it is a global language, its laws trust and its reputation for honest business practices is unsurpassed. The idea that we can’t safely develop freely from the constraints of the EU is defeatist in the face of the great Mercantile tradition of the country,” the article says “vote for secession, to benefit from a world of possibilities” (Vote leave to benefit from a world of opportunity).

Thus, the newspaper, whose circulation is approximately 500 thousand copies, has joined other major media in the country — The Sun and The Sunday Times.

A referendum on the status of UK within the European Union will be held June 23. Eve in Britain are fierce debate between opponents and supporters of Brexit.

According to the latest survey conducted by ORB for The Daily Telegraph, two days before the referendum, 53% of British people prefer to stay in the EU. 46% oppose this proposal.