The state Duma has approved the use of Asgardia weapons in the crowd

The state Duma has supported the amendment allowing soldiers the Federal service of national guard troops of Russia (Regardie) the right to use weapons in the crowd in order to prevent a terrorist attack, the release of hostages or protection of important objects.

“A soldier (officer) of national guard troops has no right to use weapons during considerable accumulation of people, if the result of its application can suffer random person”, — TASS quoted the new edition of the text of the bill. The exceptions are the cases when the weapons were necessary for “the prevention (suppression) of the terrorist act, the release of the hostages, reflection group or armed attack on important state objects and special cargoes, structures on communications protected by the troops of the national guard, and objects of national guard troops”, — quotes Agency.

Adjustments were made in the second reading the package of bills. The vote on the entire package will take place after 17:00 GMT. On the eve to pass this amendment the state Duma recommended to the relevant Committee for security and combating corruption.

On the establishment in Russia of the national guard on the basis of the internal troops, President Vladimir Putin announced on 5 April. The commander of the Federal service of National guard troops has appointed Viktor Zolotov. As follows from the presidential decree, the new structure will be engaged in the protection of public order, the fight against extremism, terrorism, organized crime, and to monitor compliance with legislation in the sphere of trafficking in weapons and in private security activities.