The animated film “finding Dory” broke the record for fees for the first weekend

During the premiere of the animated film “finding Dory” in Hollywood, June 8, 2016

For the first weekend rental in the US (from 17 to 19 June) fees animated film “finding Dory” has exceeded $136,18 million, according to Comscore. The start of the new Pixar turned out to be the best in the history of animated movies, so much in the U.S. for the first three days of rent not collected even a single cartoon. Until now, the record was considered to be the third part of the Saga of Shrek, which for the first American weekend brought DreamWorks Animation more 121,6 million

The most successful hit of Pixar in 2006 belongs to Disney), which sent the fish Dori in her swimming, until today, was considered the third part of “toy Story”. For your first weekend rental in the US she was able to gather in 2010 to about $110.3 million the Result, released in 2003, “finding Nemo” while watching the viewers were able for the first time to meet Dori, was much more modest — only $70,25 million

According to Sky News, start “finding Dory” was one of the best among all the June releases. In the history of cinema over the first weekend of release in the U.S. was more able to collect only released in June 2015, “Jurassic World”, on account of which $208.8 million

In thirty other countries around the world “finding Dory” for the first UIK-end has collected $50 million Thus, the total fees of the cartoon for the first three days exceeded $186 million. However, the overall result of the new Disney record did not — in 2009 the animated film “Ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs” managed to collect in its first weekend rental, worldwide more than $218 million.

Analysts expect record-breaking start in the US will help “finding Dory” to collect rent more than a billion dollars. Recall that “finding Nemo” for the time of his hire had raised about $937 million, whereas the result of “toy Story-3” is $1.06 billion, and this film is still considered the highest grossing in the history of Pixar.