Moscow authorities will pay the parents of the killed in Karelia children 1 million rubles

Parents of children who died during turlava in Karelia will receive 1 million rubles of compensation from the Moscow authorities. This was announced by mayor Sergei Sobyanin, reports “Interfax”.

Parents and relatives of victims will receive material aid to 300 thousand rubles, said the mayor. He noted that the incident “a tragedy left no one indifferent,” and once more expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

The mayor noted that now in the Moscow hospitals remain five child victims, and doctors make every effort to help them. “I am confident that law enforcement agencies conducting the investigation, identify the perpetrators, and they will be punished properly,” — said Sobyanin.

Day 18 June 47 pupils and four staff camp “Syamozero”, which organized the campaign, otpravilis in tourist rafting on the lake. During the event on the Syamozero the storm, one raft was washed ashore Odrou, two boats capsized. Killing 13 children, one was missing, his search continues.

In fact shibeli children were prosecuted, arrested five employees of the camp. Today, all the rescued children were brought to Moscow.

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