Actor from “star trek’s” Anton Yelchin died at the age of 27 years

American actor of Russian origin Anton Yelchin died in a car accident in the United States at the age of 27 years. About it reports TMZ.

Friends of the actor went to his house in the valley of San Fernando in southern California, after he came to the rehearsal. His body they found approximately at o’clock in the morning local time.

At the time of detection Elicina body was crushed between the car and the mailbox attached to the gate of the house. According to police, at the time of the discovery of the body of the actor in his car, worked the engine.

Anton Yelchin was born in Leningrad. His parents moved to the United States when he was a child.

Yelchin is best known for his role in star trek, where he played Pavel Chekov. The next part of the film is due out in July of this year.

The actor also starred in the films “alpha Dog”, “new York, I love you,” “Terminator: Yes come Savior” and “only lovers left alive” and also voiced the cartoon “the Smurfs”.