Rio de Janeiro will receive nearly $850 million to combat financial disaster

The state of Rio de Janeiro will receive from the Federal budget of 2.9 billion reais ($849 million) for maintenance of infrastructure and ensuring security during the Olympic games in 2016, reports Reuters, citing an unnamed government official. These funds will be directed to the emergency funds of the state.

According to the source Agency, familiar with the debate on this issue in the government, the money, the authorities in Rio de Janeiro will have to spend on the salaries of security personnel and the completion of the metro line leading to the Olympic facilities.

According to Reuters, it is expected that the acting President of Brazil Michel Temer announced emergency funding of Rio de Janeiro, Monday, June 20, at the meeting with the governors.

On the eve of the state of Rio de Janeiro announced a catastrophic financial position. The document, which published a guide of Rio de Janeiro, it was stated that in response to falling oil prices, the authorities may not fulfil their obligations before starting through the 49 days of the Olympic games.

The Governor of the state was Francisco Dornellas that the decree will attract the attention of the authorities of Brazil, which, according to him, should work together with staff to resolve issues work underground, health care and law enforcement.