The media learned about the obligation of the sales Rotenberg contractor Sheremetyevo

The company “TPS property”, which co-owner is a billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, acquired 50% of the company “Energo-Stroy”, which won the tender for the construction of several facilities at the airport for the REPO — with a commitment to sell at a certain price after completion of construction at the airport. This is stated in the letter from the Chairman of the Board of Directors “TPS real estate” Alexander Ponomarenko, which was received by the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“The deal is done exclusively to ensure fulfillment of obligations of the General contractor and intended use of funds”, — stated in the message.

It States that under the deal the company Rothenberg has no right to receive dividends or other benefits of ownership of the shares in Energo-system”. The source close to the “TPS real estate”, claims that the seller has the obligation to repurchase 50% of the “Energy-building”, and identified in the contract and its price.

“It turns out, the possession of the contractor and the control over the cash flows only at the time of construction, and then get rid of the unwanted asset is a beautiful idea. With the use of such a scheme in Russia had not previously encountered,” — said the publication of comments the General Director of “Strabag” Alexander Ortenberg.

On the purchase by the company of Runeberg contractor Sheremetyeva “Vedomosti” reported on Tuesday. We are talking about construction at the airport terminal ($300 million), terminal-to-terminal tunnel ($330 million) and the second stage of the cargo terminal (us$45 million) to the world football championship 2018.

In early March, “Energo-Stroy”, which is 100% owned by the Russian government bodies of the Turkish Renaissance Construction, 99% came under the control of the Dutch “Dean group B. V. (1% owned by a citizen of Turkey). At the end of April, the share of “Dinah” has dropped to 50%, another 50% were owned “TPS real estate”.

The General Director of “Energo-system” Vladimir Buzin and Manager of the “Sheremetyevo”, told that “Dean” is owned by two Russian individuals, but who exactly is unknown. Top Manager of the company in the construction industry explained, “Vedomosti” that the actual owner may remain Renaissance Construction.

“The whole market knows that won Renaissance Construction. First “Sheremetyevo” reported that the General contractor selected Renaissance in a few hours canceled message, and then stated that the selected “Energo-Stroy”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

The representative of Renaissance Construction from the review the newspaper refused.