Tele2 will cease to be a discounter

The logo of the mobile operator Tele2

Mobile operator Tele2 will no longer be a discounter and go to the so-called business model lifestyle enabler. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the CEO of Tele2 Sergey Emdin. According to him, the operator will continue to try to offer customers the “best price”, but the emphasis on dumping will be no more.

“Vedomosti” remind that in the end of 2014, the average cost of minute of conversation in the Tele2 network was 0.91 RUB that was more than the most economical of the operators “the big three” MTS, subscribers who on average pay per minute of 0.86 RUB.

Then Tele2 has stated that this is a temporary phenomenon. In October 2015, the operator introduced new tariffs, including tariff “Orange” with no monthly fees — assumed cost for Muscovites for all outgoing numbers for Russia 1 RUB per minute.

Tele2 started to operate in Russia with the regions and reached the capital market in the autumn of 2015. Then RBC wrote that other operators are not afraid of dumping on the part of Tele2, because they have the discounts and options are able to reduce the cost of communication services for customers.

Swedish operator Tele2 has stopped working on the model of discounter a few years ago by going to the model value for money — quality at a reasonable price.