Federal channels have supported a ban to foreigners to measure TV audience

The Television Center “Ostankino”


Most Federal broadcasters supported the bill of the Deputy from the LDPR faction Andrei Lugovoi on the prohibition of foreigners to measure the audience of Russian TV channels. The representatives of TV channels announced at the enlarged meeting of the state Duma Committee on information policy on June 16.

Lugovoi submitted a bill for consideration of the lower house of Parliament on 6 June. Nine days later the document was adopted in the first reading. MP proposes to introduce amendments to the laws “On advertising” and “On mass media” to enter the state accreditation for companies engaged in TV audience measurement, to require such companies to report to the Roskomnadzor, and also to limit the share of foreigners in the equity of 20%. The initiative of a meadow threatens the work of the main player of the Russian market of TV audience measurement company TNS, a member of the British group WPP. Whose services are directly or indirectly used by all Federal TV channels, with the exception of the “First channel”.

Among those who openly favoured the proposal of meadow at the meeting on 16 June, the legal Advisor of RTR Zoya Matveevskaya, head of Directorate for strategic studies, “the First channel Elena Yurovskaya, head of Department of Analytics of “CTC Media” Karina, Vivcharuk and Deputy Director of the National media group (shareholder of “First channel”, “5th channel” REN-TV) Elena Verman. His position is not voiced by a representative of NTV (enters in “Gazprom-Media holding) — head of the research channel Galina Kolomiets.

Representatives of the broadcasters expressed the hope that the accredited company will expand the panel for telemetry: TNS conducts the calculations only in cities with population from 100 thousand people. Because of this, according to Matveevskaya of VGTRK, the audience is not considered, for example, in such cities as Kostroma and Kurgan. The channel one is interested in the creation of a large national panel: the percentage not accounted for TNS viewership ratings, according to his own estimates, up to 30%, noted by Yurovsky.

Amendments meadow supports and Roskomnadzor, said the head of licensing work in the field of mass communications Department, Maxim Vinogradov. According to the representative of the Ministry of communications Alexei Smirnov, the government has yet to comment on the bill, but “in General” also supported the adoption of the amendments.


Criticized the bill at a meeting in the state Duma the head of Department of control of advertising and unfair competition FAS of Nikolay Kartashov. According to him, the document envisages the existence of just a few teleseriala in the country. “We want to consciously allow a cartel, for example, price or the market? Or do you want to prevent the elements of unfair competition: for example, one company spread false information against another?” the official said. Offers meadow he called “a legal nonsense”.

Industry representatives also did not accept the date of enactment of the bill into force: it is expected that the amendments will come into force from 1 January 2017. The market will not have time to readjust to this date, he said at the meeting, the representative of the NTV. It was supported by colleagues from “the First channel” and “STS Media”.

For the postponement of the law’s entry into force were made by the representatives of the advertising market. So, the Executive Director of the advertisers Association “RusBrand” Alexey Popovichev called the current deadline is “unrealistic”. About the risks and warned the Deputy the General Director on work with state bodies “Video Interneshnl” Ilya Budnitskii. According to him, if the bill were not amended, the industry may not just temporarily to lose money advertisers, and the “lose them all”. According to his forecast, the revenues of the channels may fall by 40%, in particular due to the migration of advertisers to the Internet and outdoor advertising.

“If we make the start date of the bill January 1, 2017, we almost bring down the market”, — said at the meeting, the President of Transcontinental media company (a major producer of content for the Federal TV channels) Alexander Mitroshenkov. According to him, the best time is in early 2018. The same date at the meeting suggested the Federal broadcasters.

Untimely amendment of meadow called the President of the Association of communication agencies of Russia Alexey Kovylov. He noted that the advertising market has not recovered after the fall and is “in deep slumber”.

The Will Of The Kremlin

On 16 June, the staff of several news organisations reported the newspaper “Vedomosti” that the amendments meadow initiated by the presidential administration. According to sources, this explains the speed of the project. However, a source in the Department of internal Affairs has denied the involvement of the Kremlin to the bill. Thus a press-Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov said that “changes are reflected in the line” media: starting in 2016, foreigners are prohibited to own more than 20% in the share capital of the Russian media. Itself meadow during the first reading of the bill in the Duma on 15 June said that to develop amendments he decided after he worked as a TV presenter and became convinced of the incorrectness of the data of teleseriala operating in the market. Foreign ownership of such companies, in his opinion, should be limited to protect the advertising market from manipulation by foreign business.