AFK “System” became interested in the project “Russian Alibaba”

AFK Sistema is interested in participating in the project “Russian Alibaba, told reporters at the St. Petersburg international economic forum June 16, the main owner of the investment holding Vladimir Yevtushenkov. “Interesting,” said the businessman to the question about their interest, reports TASS. According to Yevtushenkov, the “System” is considering projects in the field of Internet retail. Other details he did not disclose.

AFK Sistema and its “daughter” — MTS telecommunications operator are shareholders of online retailer (they own 10.8% of the shares). General Director of Ozon Danny Perekalsky in February, told RBC that Ozon is not going to participate in the creation of the “Russian Alibaba”.

President Vladimir Putin in December 2015 in the message to the Federal Assembly instructed the government to facilitate the establishment of large private companies in the field of electronic Commerce focused on the export of Russian goods. Suggestions the government should have to present before 1 July 2016. At the end of may of Ministry of economic development with the participation of the other Agency developed the project “Russian Alibaba” — the concept of “anchor service” for exporters. We are talking about a unified information system through which enterprises of small and average business will be able to export goods without administrative barriers. The service will have to integrate payment, logistics, customs and insurance solutions, as well as become a single window for exporters in the interaction with regulatory authorities.

By the beginning of June interest in the project in the form of written complaints the Ministry confirmed the company Ulmart, Wikimart, Seldon, Tuva energy company Ruslan Baysarov and the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT). Baysarov in an interview with RBC said that he is ready to invest “tens of billions of rubles”. Who in the end will create a “Russian Alibaba”, officials have not yet decided. Such players may be few and they will have to compete for vendors and state support services, said the Director of the Department of economic development Maxim Parshin. Deputy Minister Oleg Fomichev stressed that the state is not going to create a similar service.

The concept of economic development logistics operator of the site at first was supposed to be “Mail of Russia”. June 16 at the St. Petersburg international economic forum the General Director of the enterprise Dmitry Strashnov signed with the head of the Russian state export centre (REC) Peter Fradkov a Memorandum of cooperation. According to the document, the REC will select exporters, to simplify customs clearance procedures, to work to mitigate administrative and tax barriers and to create an aggregator of domestically produced goods, and “Mail of Russia” is to provide logistics and infrastructure services for sending shipments of the Russian manufacturers abroad and train exporters to the rules of shipping. Strashnov said he was not sure that the “unified trading platform is necessary in order to promote Russian goods abroad.” In his opinion, the number one task — to display and promote Russian goods on existing global platforms. “We are not selling our trading platform to the West, we sell our products, it is very important to understand,” — said the head of “Mail of Russia”.