In the American Disney World alligator dragged under the water with a toddler

The entrance to Walt Disney World in Orlando

In the United States in Orlando, Florida amusement Park Walt Disney World alligator dragged under the water with a toddler.

As reports Reuters, citing the Sheriff’s office, according to preliminary data, the boy was playing in the water at that time his family of five rested on the edge of a lagoon located in the Park. At this point the animal grabbed the child.

According to police, the size of a crocodile the length is from 1.2 to 2 metres. Clarifies that the incident occurred at 21:20 local time (4:20 GMT).

“Father entered the water and tried to grab the child, but could not”, said Sheriff Jerry Demings. The mother also tried to save the child, she told the rescuers about the attack, he added.

To search for the boy are also attracted experts in the field of wildlife. “We work hard”, — said the employee of the Commission for the preservation of wildlife Florida Chad Weber.

According to Bi-bi-si, to search for the child involved 50 professionals and police officers.

Press Secretary Disney has said that the company is “devastated” by the incident.